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One of the main purposes of the Centre is the creation, accumulation and dissemination of knowledge on Industrial Cyber Security, thus, its members have a constant and easy access to current information, allowing them to stay on of existing developments related to Cybersecurity Industrial. The Center held constant actions to facilitate access to information of its members, including those shares to publish regular newsletters are counted, attendance at national and international events to report after them, publication strategic, operational and technical papers on Industrial Cyber Security and Management and the constant presence on social networks in order to facilitate permanent contact between members of the Centre. There are several benefits for members and sponsors.

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Members Benefits

Sponsors Benefits



This Weekly Newsletter is a compilation of news, technical and divulgative documents, events and thoughts related to current issues of Industrial Cybersecurity. The newsletter avoids commercial contents and is focused on awareness and information about the most present and relevant facts. The newsletter is open to collaboration to CCI members who wants contribute with their own thougts on Industrial Cybersecurity.

This newsletter produces just one e-mail message every week (Monday) and is sent to all the CCI members for free.



The CCI blog is one of the tolos used by the Center to perform information distribution and awareness on Industrial Cybersecurity. The blog is focused on the release of Industrial Cybersecurity information. Is maintained by the CCI personnel and is publicly available. The blog will publish thoughts about Industrial Cybersecurity as well as analysis over current events.

Access to our blog


Social Networks

The CCI will keep in touch with all its members, sponsors and general public by social media such as Twitter (@info_cci, @infosecmanblog, @iparedes, @cci_jose) and Linkedin Linkedin. By these media, the Center will provide useful information on Industrial Cybersecurity, will keep track of professional events and will ease a direct interaction among members of the Center.



Active members of the CCI could benefit from the Center's presence in national and international events. Commisioners from the Center will be able to put in touch CCI members with other organizations in order to develop synergies and collaborative projects. The CCI will also provide distribution to members of meetings abstracts, keynotes and general information about the attended events.

Among other events, the Center will regularly attend to Security Research Conference, ICT Proposers' Day and Info Days organized by the Eurpean Commision, as well as to every relevant national and international meeting  related to Industrial Cybersecurity, such as Digital Bond's SCADA Security Scientific Symposium, SANS Institute's SCADA & Process Summit or the ICS Cybersecurity Conference in the United States.

Industrial Cybersecurity is a growing market with different spokespersons to the ones found in the corporate environment and with a long road ahead which will demand services, products, technologies and initiatives, where, nowadays, there are necessities, leveraged by legal compliance as well as the requirements for protecting industrial processes. These necessities are being translated in business opportunities for vendors, engineers, integrators and consultant firms and are creating chances ofinformation and intelligence sharing for end users.

The lack of well positioned actors in the market makes end users to require big enhancements on their situational awareness and their knowledge on industrial cybersecurity in order to know which are the successful solutions that are being deployed in more advanced countries, as well as get in contact with other end users with similar necessities, and, why not, with vendors that could provide the growing requirements in the scope of industrial processes.

The current situation of the market in Spain and Latin-America requires a clear positioning of these vendors by providing presence, knowledge, references and by the specific knowledge of these environments. The position of end-users in this market, in the following year, is going to be a key issue in the relation with their customers and commercial environment which are starting to be consciuous about the cybersecurity risks they are facing.

The Center, as the first and only initiative in Latin-America focused on boosting and improving Industrial Cybersecurity, means a great oportunity for every actor to take positions and show a good image towards the market about the protection of the industrial infrastructures they are related to.