One of the first steps that should be taken to reach active collaboration among a group of organizations is to create a suitable relationship scenario with trust and security which allows a meeting point where professionals with different background but similar objectives could interchange knowledge and experiences.

Activities, sectors and problems shared among different people, usually generates very enriching discussions. If this is enforced by workgroups formed by professionals with specific common objectives will dramatically boost the results achieved by the collaboration initiatives.

From the center, a series of thematic work groups have been defined in order to encourage our sponsors and active members to collaborate and to establish objectives and develop activities for the members to increase their knowledge and experience while developing interesting initiatives.

The topics of the workgroups is defined by the members and sponsors themselves, and surely will be adjusted as the activities are being developed, the market matures or new problems arise.

Currently, there are four knowledge groups:


Knowledge team


Addressed to

Industrial Critical Infrastructures

The members of this team have, as their main interest, the activities directed to the protection of industrialcritical  infrastructures for the business, as well as those that belong to strategic sectors (Energy, Nuclear, Transport, Water, Chemical, Space, Food ...) and that provide essential services. 

Responsible for cybersecurity, Responsible for Physical Security, Responsible for industrial automation, Consultants and cybersecurity auditors

Smart OT

(Operational Technologies)

The members of this team have as their main interest to carry out activities aimed at the analysis of cybersecurity in Smart OT (intelligent operation technologies) with which we designate this new generation of technologies such as Smart Grid, Smart Cities, Smart Factory, among others, that they integrate information, interoperability and connectivity as main characteristics to operate on the physical world; that is, when they are applied to automation, control and operation of the productive processes characteristic of the industrial environment.

Project Managers of Industry 4.0, Smart Health, Smart Cities, ... responsible for R & D projects, professionals of cybersecurity in software design, ...

Engineering. EPC

(Engineering, Procurement, Construction)

The main interest of the members of this team is to carry out activities on the incorporation of cybersecurity requirements in the early phases of an industrial automation project.

Directors of engineering projects, responsible for instrumentation and control departments, cybersecurity managers in engineering, ...

Good government

and Compliance

The members of this team have as their main interest to deal with good governance and regulatory compliance of industrial organizations, from managers and employees to third parties. How to approach the regulatory compliance framework related to industrial cybersecurity.

CISOs, DPOs, Responsible for ethics and good corporate governance, legal officers, consultants and security auditors.