CCI Membership Brochure 2020


Any organization or proffesional with interest or specific needs about Industrial Cybersecurity, should assess being a Center's member. Many attacks and incidents related to cybersecurity are occurring, causing high impacts to economy, public image, production and people, affecting organizations, infrastructures and even governments.

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Why should I be a CCI member?

To be informed and ready to deal with Industrial Cybersecurity risks and normatives, to have the opportunity to establish relationships with industrial organizations, critical infrastructures, public companies, EPC companies, industrial and cybersecurity vendors, and access to documentation that if developed with internal resources would have a cost 20 times the membership fee.

Members will gain a situational awareness on this field through the different ICC features, deliverables and organized events, as well as from the communication with other ICC members.

Typical active members are final users from the Energy, Water, Transport and Telecommunications fields among others, Vendors of industrial systems and security devices, Engineering and Consultancy firms, Integrators, Universities and Technological Centers.

What gets my organization from the CCI membership?

Important competitive advantages from other industrial organizations in the access and sharing of information, the opportunity to assist to specialized training and events as well as better positioning, image and communication.

Which roles, in an industrial organization, will benefit most from the activities and documentation developed by the CCI?

Plant, process, operation and production managers, information systems and technology departments, process control, automation and instrumentation departments, and every individual with responsibilities in safety, or physical and information security.

How to became a CCI Member?

To became an Active Member or Professional Member, please contact through
To became Basic Member complete the online application form