We are currently facing a serious shortage of cybersecurity engineers of all fields. To get an idea of the shortage magnitude in security skills, consider this: By the end of this year, it is predicted that one or two million cybersecurity jobs will remain unfilled. About six million cybersecurity professionals will be required, and between four and five million will be available to cover the positions.

In fact, the shortage of skills of cybersecurity engineers is becoming critical: a McAfee report, "Hacking the Skills Shortage" concludes that 82% of a group of 775 IT and cybersecurity managers reported the shortage of cybersecurity computer skills within their companies.

With this scenario, from the Industrial Cybersecurity Center, we have decided to launch the first Industrial Cybersecurity School of the CCI (CCI ICS) with the dual objective of providing quality professional training with a practical approach and the flexibility needed by professionals and their organizations.

During these almost 5 years of existence, and previously to the creation of the School, the CCI has given 16 editions of the "Multidisciplinary Course of Industrial Cybersecurity and Protection of Critical Infrastructures" and more than 20 workshops and courses of different subjects on industrial cybersecurity, which have been attended by about 500 professionals from both IT, as OT internationally.

The team of trainers of the School is made up of experts (https://www.cci-es.org/el-equipo/expertos) and CCI collaborators who have participated in the preparation of contents for the CCI's publications (https://www.cci-es.org/informes-y-analisis-estategicos), as well as in some of the workshops and courses already carried out.

We want this school to become a valuable tool for acquiring experiences and knowledge in the field of industrial cybersecurity for the CCI international ecosystem.

Susana Asensio
Director of the CCI Industrial Cybersecurity School (CCI ICS)