CCI launches its program "Development of the CCI Academy Ecosystem" through which it seeks to attract students and teaching professionals who will contribute their academic capabilities in order to enrich and expand the current "Academic ecosystem", promoting the exchange of knowledge, experiences , information and contacts between training centers, universities and members of the "ecosystem" in different regions of the world. This will also result in a greater guarantee of viability and sustainability of the Industrial Cybersecurity Center in the medium and long term.

In general, the program aims to:

  • Recognize and motivate students and support them in their personal commitment and professional future for continuous improvement.
  • Encourage the early vocation of students to help companies meet their demand for professionals, and students to discover an innovative and high-demand profession (based on various statistics that support the high demand for these professionals).
  • Support trainers and students with specific material on industrial cybersecurity.
  • Generate an active ecosystem between mentors - students - CCI - industries.

Who can participate in the Academy Program?

Academy Mentor: Professional in charge of representing the Industrial Cybersecurity Center in academic institutions, whether they are Vocational Training centers, Universities or academies.

  • The Mentor Academy has a registration code assigned directly by CCI. Said registration code must be provided to anyone who comes from your hand and wants to register as an Academy Member.
  • One of its main tasks will be the identification of actors, students and teachers with an interest in Industrial Cybersecurity and likely to join "The CCI Academy Ecosystem".

Academy Member: Students of industrial engineering, computer science, telecommunications, Professional Training or any training that includes Industrial Cybersecurity, up to 25 years of age.


How can I register?


As an Academy Member, you can access a series of special benefits on CCI activities:

  • Access to free Publications and a selection of other documents.
  • Special prices in training of the School. You will access the current maximum discount from the price table that can be consulted at the following link: https://www.cci-es.org/calendario1
  • Excerpts from the CCI material may be taken in academic papers, as long as the source is cited.
  • The Academy Member may access all levels of the Recognition Program within the Student Category. More information: CCI Recognition Program

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