Collaboration is a key aspect for Industrial Cybersecurity improvement. This is a field with many stakeholders which nowadays are in need of improvements in protection, awareness and training: industrial organizations, critical infrastructures, engineering firms, equipment and software vendors (industrial, cybersecurity), academia, technological centers and government bodies. All of them have very different objectives, features and approaches that should advance with a common alignment allowing to reach every individual objective, but also improving the infrastructures protection and, why not, raising the Industrial Cybersecurity market turnover.

Individual initiatives, even though appropiate, if are not taking into account the situational awareness, could be divergent and, instead of advancing towards a common objective, could diminish the protection level and market objectives. This is why collaboration on every level is needed.

The well mentioned public-private partnership is without doubt the line to follow. Regarding this, the Center is one of the biggest international successes having been able to agglutinate a wide and assorted representation of the Industrial Cybersecurity market.

The Center seeks the P9 collaboration, namely, Public-Private-Partnership, Public-Public-Partnership and Private-Private-Partnership. For this, we have developed a set of tools to allow maximum collaboration and communication inside the Center ecosystem: Workgroups, collaborative platform and thematic distribution lists, among others.