Collaboration with the Industrial Cybersecurity Center and ISA Spanish Section.


Both non-profit entities have as a common objective to establish the framework and channels for the joint performance of outreach, training and research activities, sharing synergies, knowledge, experiences, resources and work to improve industrial cybersecurity at the national level.

The Industrial Cybersecurity Center (CCI) is an independent, non-profit organization, whose mission is to promote and contribute to the improvement of Industrial Cybersecurity, in a context in which organizations in sectors such as manufacturing or energy play a critical role in the construction of today’s Society, as the mainstays of the welfare state.

CCI faces this challenge by carrying out research and analysis activities, generating opinions, preparing and publishing studies and tools, and exchanging information and knowledge on the influence of both technologies, including their processes and practices, and of individuals, with regard to risks –and their management– derived from the integration of industrial processes and infrastructures in Cyberspace.

CCI is, today, the ecosystem and the meeting point for entities – private and public – and professionals affected, concerned or busy with Industrial Cybersecurity.

ISA Spanish Section is a non-profit professional association that has the vision of creating a better world through automation and whose mission is to advance technical competence, connecting the automation community to achieve operational excellence. To do this, it fosters the progress of science and technology related to the design, manufacture, supply and use of equipment, systems and procedures related to industrial automation, the dissemination of its knowledge and the exchange of information of interest to professionals in the industry sector.

ISA España (The International Society of Automation)

The agreement has been signed by Armando González, Raquel Mateos and David Jimenez, President, Secretary and member of Associations respectively, of ISA Spanish Section and by Jose Valiente, Director and Maite Carli, Communication Manager of CCI.

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