Industrial Cybersecurity Center

The largest ecosystem of its characteristics …

more than 7.000 members
more than 45 nationalities

The CCI was born in 2013 from the industry, independent and non-profit.

It is the meeting point for professionals and entities -private and public– that work to improve the level of Cybersecurity in the industry.

International reference for the exchange of experiences and knowledge, and the dynamization of the sectors involved in this field.

Our approach

The CCI has formed the largest ecosystem of industrial organizations (end users), providers of industrial cybersecurity services and solutions, engineering companies, integrators, public organizations; but above all, to its professionals

Our mission

Promote and contribute to the improvement of Industrial Cybersecurity using the perspectives of people, processes and technologies

The Team

A large team of professionals works continuously on the activities of the Center: its management, experts and coordinators lead the great ecosystem.

Management Team

The CCI is led by a group of professionals who contribute all their knowledge and enthusiasm to the Center.

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We have a large team of coordinators around the world, who promote CCI activity in their regions of origin

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Cybersecurity in industrial environments is a complex discipline that requires experience in specific and delimited areas

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Private and public organizations participate in the CCI through sponsorship, or membership: basic members –free-, active members and active members with subscription


Thanks to the contributions of its sponsors, the Center maintains its independence and promotes activities to stimulate the market.

Active and Active Members with Subscription

  • Aigües Ter Llo
  • ABIResearch
  • Acuntia
  • Aena Aeropuertos
  • Aigües ter Llobregat, ATLL
  • Alimerka
  • Air Liquide
  • Asociación de directores de seguridad privada online ADISPO
  • Arkossa
  • Bormart/Red Seguridad
  • BSI
  • BT España
  • Caladero
  • Cassidian
  • CLH
  • Central Lechera Asturiana
  • Deloitte
  • DKTI
  • E-Virtus
  • EADS-CASA Cassidian
  • Elecnor
  • Empresa Provincial de Aguas de Córdoba
  • ETRA I+D
  • Everis
  • Exevi
  • E-Virtus
  • FCC Industrial
  • Global Factory
  • Gonvarri Steel Services
  • Greenmomit
  • GTD
  • HAL
  • Inerco
  • Informatica Forense
  • Industrial Química del Nalón
  • Izertis
  • JakinCode
  • Kelly
  • KV Consultores
  • Leet Security
  • Logica
  • Medycsa
  • Ministerio de Industria
  • Nextel
  • Nexus Soluciones
  • Pluspetrol S.A.
  • Prima Ingenieros
  • Proactivanet
  • Pyramide Asesores S.L
  • Quantobit
  • Red Hat, S.L.
  • Repsol
  • Repsol Polimeros, S.A
  • Root Secure
  • SecurteTech
  • Secure & IT
  • SIA
  • Taddong
  • Incita-Security
  • Técnicas Reunidas
  • Torraspapel Lecta-Group
  • Titanium
  • UPCT
  • Volkswagen Navarra
  • WIKA
  • Zanasi & Partners

Capabilities of our ecosystem

Active Catalog

Platform that facilitates the search for providers of cybersecurity services and solutions defined in the IEC 62443 and NIST standards, among others.


People play a key role in cybersecurity, both technology users and implementers; That is why the CCI has a Program to Recognize the Commitment of these professionals

We want you to participate and share your experience

Only a holistic vision of the problem can help raise awareness, involve all stakeholders, protect and ensure the strength of the industry and the quality of life of our society