Annual programming

The Industrial Cybersecurity Center plans its initiatives annually, adapting them to the changing environment in which industrial organizations carry out their activity. On this page you can find further information about all CCI’s activities.

International Activity

The CCI has formed the largest global ecosystem and develops different activities at the local and regional level

Research, development and innovation

Essential to increase the current level of cybersecurity; That is why the Center is a proactive organization in R + D + i


Our ecosystem is kept informed of the latest news through a free weekly newsletter, blog, social networks, mobile app, events, Knowledge teams and much more.


Various forums, meetings, events, and spaces for dialogue enable CCI professionals to share their experiences and benefit from belonging to an active and collaborative community.


CCI carries out continuous knowledge transfer, both by its team and by promoting exchange among all professionals in the ecosystem.


CCI develops reports, strategic analysis; High quality documents and tools focused on Industrial Cybersecurity. There is an annual subscription offer with access to the entire CCI library, in addition to other benefits.

Pocket Guide: Reducing risks incurred by OT cybersecurity controls


Pocket guide, which addresses the most common risks linked to the seven main cybersecurity measures in automation and industrial control environments. This analysis will allow an understanding of the potential threats to which we are exposed and, in turn, will facilitate the implementation of effective strategies to protect critical systems in these operating environments.


CCI carries out an intense activity in the organization of international congresses, events, meetings and technical meetings whose central axis is the improvement of cybersecurity in industrial environments. Your team regularly participates in benchmark events


It is the essential tool to increase the level of cybersecurity and resilience of any organization.

That is why in 2018 the CCI launched the first Professional School of Industrial Cybersecurity


Courses & workshops

Calendar & Prices

Professional Online Master

Adhoc training


Knowledge Teams

Activities, sectors and problems; common goals and interests. Our knowledge teams create alliances and generate the necessary trust among professionals, for the exchange of experiences and knowledge

The members of this team have as their main interest the activities aimed at the protection of critical industrial infrastructures for the business, as well as those that belong to strategic sectors (Energy, Nuclear, Transport, Water, Chemical, Space, Food …) and that provide essential services.


Cybersecurity Managers, Physical Security Managers, Industrial Automation Managers, Cybersecurity Consultants and Auditors

The members of this team have as main interest to carry out activities framed in industrial digitization. Cybersecurity analysis and research activities in Smart OT (intelligent operation technologies) applied to manufacturing, health, transport, energy, food, but also to smart cities or cars. This team will address cybersecurity both in the supply chain and in the design of new industrial digitization projects.


Directors of engineering projects and industry 4.0, Smart Health, Smart Cities, … Managers for R&D projects, cybersecurity professionals in software design, Heads of instrumentation and control departments, Heads of cybersecurity in engineering …

The members of this team have the main interest of dealing with the good governance and regulatory compliance of industrial organizations, from managers and employees to third parties. How to approach the regulatory compliance framework related to industrial cybersecurity.


CISOs, DPOs, Responsible for ethics and good corporate governance, legal representatives, consultants and security auditors.