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The Master of Industrial Cybersecurity: Description

This master’s degree is a comprehensive training focused and designed to prepare cybersecurity professionals in industrial production environments. The aim is to add capabilities to identify gaps, protect assets, deal with cyber incidents or carry out holistic cybersecurity management in OT environments.

The Master trains students to manage the technological risks of industrial automation and SCADA systems, digitalized industries, industrial networks and communications with special focus on critical and/or essential infrastructures.

At the end of the training, students will obtain the key preparation to protect and maximize the resilience of industrial organizations.

What are you going to learn in this training

Expand your knowledge in Cybersecurity and its applications in the industrial sector during the development of the Master.

Each module will delve into the areas:

  • Cybersecurity concepts in industrial control systems and protection of critical infrastructures.
  • Analysis of threats and vulnerabilities of industrial control systems, recognizing their risks.
  • Design and appropriate management framework in Critical Infrastructures and Industrial Environments.
  • Adoption of standards and recommendations applicable to the industrial environment.
  • Design of a Cybersecurity Program in industrial control systems.
  • Relevant organizational and management aspects: IT director vs. Security Director vs. Plant Manager vs. Plant Director.
More than 450 hours of content
Practical exercises
Open community
Bonus Extras
Multidisciplinary teams

Who is it addressed to?

The Online Master in Industrial Cybersecurity is aimed at professionals who want to develop their career in the field and sector of OT Cybersecurity.

    • Information Security Professionals
    • Operation professionals in industrial organizations
    • Cybersecurity professionals in suppliers – engineering, integrators and industrial manufacturers
Mujer joven realizando el Máster de Ciberseguridad Industrial

Our teaching team

Diego Andrés Zuluaga
Diego Andrés Zuluaga
Claudio Caracciolo
Claudio Caracciolo
Antonio Rodríguez Usallán
Agustín Valencia
José Luis Laguna
José Luis Laguna
José Valiente
José Valiente
Joan Figueras
Joan Figueras
Antonio Rodríguez Usallán

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Organizations that have entrusted the training of their professionals to the CCI School

It has been a pleasure to take the Master and I am very satisfied!

I have acquired and expanded a lot of knowledge, as well as meeting and sharing experiences with great professionals in the sector.

For me it has been a privilege and in fact, I have recommended this Master’s Degree to colleagues who need to catch up on Industrial Cybersecurity.

Servilio Alonso - Master Student 2021

The Master of Industrial Cybersecurity has undoubtedly exceeded my expectations.

Being able to count on highly qualified professionals and extensive experience in the industrial sector among the Master’s teaching staff provides a real and complete vision of the industrial ecosystems as well as an excellent training experience thanks to the didactic capacity of all of them.

Thanks to the excellent resources provided to the students and the challenges posed by the Master’s work, I have managed to learn realistic scenarios and cases of industrial environments. Likewise, these resources will be very valuable to me in my future work performance.

Mario Arenas García - Master Student 2022

It has been a pleasure to be able to participate in the activities, the Master was very good in terms of organizing the topics and giving them focus with great criteria.

I had been reading things about cyber security but it is very overwhelming, now I can say that I opened the door and saw the light.

Marcelo Pedreira - Master Student 2021

Highly recommended!

With the Online Professional Master in Industrial Cybersecurity, cybersecurity is no longer the pending subject in OT environments.

The involvement and high level of the teachers, the quality of the content and the flexibility of schedules make this Master’s degree essential training in the field of Industrial Cybersecurity.

César Ricón Bada - Master Student 2022

During the Master in Industrial Cybersecurity I have been able to delve deeper into good practices in the industry, analyzing the different regulations and risks to which industrial facilities are subject. This specialization has allowed me to share experiences and learn from great professionals, in addition to giving new impetus to my professional career.

Vanessa Maggiorani - Master Student 2022

The challenge of completing the Master has been, for me, very positive in several aspects.
First, because it has allowed me to clarify and focus the information in standard 62443, contextualizing it in relation to reality, as well as knowing the numerous sources of information and existing frameworks.
Second, because it has given me the opportunity to access great professionals in the sector, starting with the teaching staff (authentic references) but also enjoying the real experiences shared through La Voz de la Industria events.
Third, because it has allowed me to discover that the CCI Ecosystem approach, sharing experiences and information, is a fundamental way to undertake Cybersecurity in a company.

I consider that the Master will be a before and after in my already extensive professional career in the world of Industrial Automation. I think it is highly recommended.

Eduardo Blanco Rodríguez - Master Student 2022

The professional experience transmitted by the instructors throughout the Online Professional Master’s Degree is a wealth of information of great technical quality and variety of knowledge acquired in the field, which makes it a very well-planned and enriching learning process. I am very satisfied with the instruction received.

Randall Barnett Villalobos - Master Student 2022

As a professional in the area of Information Technology, taking this Master’s degree has been an exceptional experience. During the program, I managed to combine my IT knowledge with new knowledge in the OT area, which allowed me to establish a bridge of knowledge between both environments. This integration has been fundamental to enrich my professional profile and address the cybersecurity challenges at the OT level that are looming in the short term more effectively.

During the Master, I had excellent professors who transmitted their knowledge and experiences to me during each of the modules, contributing to academic and professional growth.

On the other hand, I had the pleasure of sharing experiences with colleagues, which allowed me to establish valuable connections and generate that networking that these types of academic updates bring with them.

Now I face the professional challenge of applying the knowledge acquired during this Master in the Cooperative for which I work and being able to contribute to the improvement of the Cybersecurity posture at the OT level.

Oscar González Huertas - Master Student 2022

Being part of this master’s degree has allowed me to expand my knowledge in cybersecurity towards the industrial field. Knowledge that contributes significantly to my professional growth and also in the human sphere, the sharing with other colleagues from different countries is reinforced, which allows expanding the network of contacts with whom to share this passion for cybersecurity.

Andrés Peñailillo - Master Student 2022

Having completed this Master’s Degree allowed me to know and mature the diversity of variables to consider to design and implement Cybersecurity strategies in ICS.
The online modality and the student support platform were undoubtedly key elements in adjusting my study times.
I am more than satisfied with this Master, with the exponents and with all the material provided for learning.
I totally recommend it!

Salvador Méndez Torres - Master Student 2022

Frequent questions

  • After our experience in teaching and with the aim of getting the most out of this training in industrial cybersecurity, we at CCI advise that the student provide basic prior knowledge with which they will understand the technical sections and will be able to properly and successfully carry out the laboratory practices. .

    The goal is always to achieve the greatest success for our students and participants.

  • At CCI we are extremely committed to quality training and of course, to ensuring that our students can get the most out of the training.

    The reasons for discarding an application for the online master’s degree in industrial cybersecurity will be due to the detection of a profile that is not in accordance with the training, so we will consider that the student would not take advantage of or take advantage of the Master’s degree. In this case, we would offer advice on what other training courses to undertake previously to evolve in the area of ​​Industrial Cybersecurity in a healthy and positive way.

  • Payment can be made through bank transfer or credit/debit card, with full payment of the registration fee being essential before starting classes.
  • The training modality of the Online OT Cybersecurity Master’s is ONLINE (with free access from any location, only a stable internet connection is required).

    The masterclasses will be live through the videoconference system provided by the CCI. These sessions will be recorded and will be available for later viewing by the student.

  • The training material as well as the masterclass recordings, access to the complete CCI library and everything shown during the Master will be available to the student during the period of 1 calendar year. Time during which you can enjoy it with total freedom and availability with remote access.
  • Upon completion of the Master’s degree and having met the necessary requirements, you will receive an accreditation degree from the school that certifies your attendance, participation and compliance with the training requirements. The CCI School is an internationally recognized organization whose training, experience, teaching and professional team accredits it.

    With the aforementioned accreditation title you can access any job position in accordance with the knowledge and skills acquired with which you will safely carry out the required tasks.

    Along with the Master’s diploma, the Black Professional Credential is delivered (which is obtained through the student’s knowledge acquired during training) from our CCI Commitment to Industrial Cybersecurity Recognition Program:

Registration prices and conditions

This Master has personalized prices for members of the CCI ecosystem. Conditions that allow exclusive benefits and price reductions in the School’s training.

  • Non-CCI member………………….. 3.550 €
  • Basic Member…………………..  3.195 €
  • Professional Member……………  3.018 €
  • Enterprise Member…………….. 3.018 €
  • Platform Member………….. 2.840 €
  • Member Subscription……………  2.663 €

Prices VAT or taxes not included.

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