Excellent reception of CCI ecosystem in the first meeting held on 8 September in Barcelona


At this meeting, we held in Barcelona, ​​in the Hotel H10 Casanova, has been examined for the first time the benefits of ICS Cyber ​​Security, with a new perspective for senior management.

This appointment was the second ‘ Voice of the Industry’ of 2016, and  CCI events, that seeks to act as a meeting point, and industry dialogue to bring Cybersecurity to automation and control systems.
The event aimed to share with the audience a comprehensive analysis of the benefits to business cybersecurity organizations. During the event, the motivations that are driving senior management and leaders of many entities, to incorporate cybersecurity as an essential process of their organizations, were studied. The arguments, as was evident during the day, are varied, considering the most widespread: the obligation for regulations and standards, quality requirements of market and customers, the economic context and markets high competition, incidents suffered in the organization or related organizations, business continuity, and so long, which added to raising awareness, gradually makes organizations take action and be consistent. The presentations developed in the conference, revolved around these concepts, enriching, adding value, testimonials and different viewpoints to each of them.
From CCI expertise, was performed various lectures and a panel discussion, which focused on representing the perspective of senior management regarding industrial cyber security, providing tools for a successful approach, and providing collaboration. On the other hand, they provided valuable information regarding legislative compliance. And finally, Jose Valiente, Director of CCI, led to the immersion of the present in the skin of an industry organization, with serious problems caused by incidents of cybersecurity, providing expert advice, ideas, and realistic proposals and practices.
Meanwhile, the companies that participated in this occasion as speakers, provided solutions for governance and management of technological risk- TüV Nord-, active defense and forensic analysis -ITS Security-, cybersecurity services for industry from the cloud -Dimension Data-, an example of collaboration to protect Industry 4.0 – Cisco and Rockwell Automation- and a complete protection of industrial control systems -Trend Micro.

Agenda Schedule

September 8, 2016
Hotel H10 Casanova, Gran Via de Les Corts Catalanes, 559, Barcelona