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Lack of awareness and regulation in Argentina, conclusion of the XVIII Meeting of "The Voice of industry" held in Buenos Aires on June 1


The Industrial Cyber Security Center has presented the preliminary results of the study on the state of cybersecurity in the Argentine industry.

The Industrial Cybersecurity Center (CCI) held a preliminary study on the state of industrial cybersecurity in Argentina, at the XVIII “The Voice of Industry” Meeting held in Buenos Aires on 1 June. The lack of real awareness on the part of the industrial organizations that almost 50% have not done any type of evaluation of the level of risk in the industrial systems.
Nora Alzua, CCI coordinator for Argentina and Claudio Caracciolo, general coordinator of the CCI for Latin America presented these results that demonstrate that it is not possible to involve O.T. In security analyzes and that the lack of formal regulation causes little interest and concern to manage this risk.
Pablo Romanos, responsible for planning the BA-CERT Cybersecurity Center, presented the technological infrastructures of the city of Buenos Aires and how it is managed from ASI (Systems Agency) and how it operates from the Center of Security Operations, As well as statistics of incidents received, highlighting the hijacking of information that exceeds 50% of the total.
Then Captain Gastón Gutiérrez of CIberdefensa’s Command presented the current cyberspace threats situation by staging several examples and the National Cyber ​​Defense Strategy in Argentina.
Representatives of solutions and services providers were also represented at this meeting. Andrew Oteiza, System Engineer at F5 Networks, made clear the strong trend of data encryption and the importance of not losing control of the data, which is possible by incorporating technologies that provide visibility, access control And application protection. This approach is fundamental, said Andrew especially in the new scenarios of Industrial Internet of Things.
Luciano Meléndez, of Logicalis Argentina and Eric Roscher de Imperva, focused on the importance of early detection of anomalies and patterns of unusual user behavior as part of incident management automation. There is more and more data in more places, more people accessing and more applications that require them, so without good management of your security the business will be exposed.
Claudio Caracciolo, Chief Cybersecurity Ambassador of ElevenPaths, demonstrated the high level of exposure that exists today of industrial control systems, surpassing 15 million devices directly connected and in many cases without protective measures.
José Valiente, director of ITC, explained the main challenges of cybersecurity in Smart Factory through a fictitious use case, based on real events, at a biscuit manufacturing plant where three high impact incidents occurred Which seriously damaged the business.
Miguel García-Menéndez, president of iTTi and vice-president of CCI, also presented the document “Benefits of cybersecurity for industrial enterprises”, which includes the testimonies of an exclusive group of executives on cybersecurity. The need to raise the awareness of the boards of directors and other business leaders was very present in the talks, demonstrations and debates of the meeting.
The day concluded with an interesting debate on “how and who should establish the requirements of cybersecurity in industrial technological design”, moderated by Nora Alzua, ITC coordinator in Argentina. Nora talked about the diversity of actors both OT and IT that currently provide services and technological solutions for industrial environments. Gabriel Faifman of GE Digital participated in the debate; Enrique Larriu-Let, of AADECA; Claudio Caracciolo, of ElevenPaths.
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Agenda Schedule

  • 9:00 am
    Welcome. The context of Industrial Cybersecurity. CCI
  • 9:15 am
    Study on the State of Industrial Cybersecurity in Argentina. CCI
  • 9:40 am
    National Cybersecurity Strategy in Argentina.
  • 10:05 am
    National Cyber Defense Strategy in Argentina
  • 11:00 am
    Management of cyber incidents in an industrial environment
  • 11:00 am
  • 11:30 am
    Protection measures in automation and industrial control systems.
  • 12:00 am
    When the scans do not reach. ElevenPaths
  • 12:25 am
    Case study. Cyber security in Smart Factory. CCI
  • 12:50 am
    Benefits of Cybersecurity for the Industrial Business. CCI
  • 1:15 pm
    Discussion Board: How and who should establish cybersecurity requirements in technological design?
  • 2:00 pm
    Closing of the meeting

June 1, 2017
Telefónica. Edificio Independencia, Avda. Independencia 169 - CABA