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Pocket Guide: Reducing risks incurred by OT cybersecurity controls

It is crucial that each cybersecurity control or measure that we implement includes a constant re-evaluation of the associated risks since security is a dynamic and constantly evolving process, which requires us to be ready to adjust and continually improve our strategies.

CCI has made this pocket guide available, which addresses the most common risks linked to the seven main cybersecurity measures in automation and industrial control environments. This analysis will allow an understanding of the potential threats to which we are exposed and, in turn, will facilitate the implementation of effective strategies to protect critical systems in these operating environments.

The 7 main cybersecurity measures that we will address in this guide are:

1 – Network Segmentation

2– Access controls and authentication

3– Updates and patches

4– Data backup and restoration

5– Monitoring and recording of events

6– Protection against malware

7– Incident response

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