Promoting the Industrial Cybersecurity in Ecuador


The Industrial Cybersecurity Center (CCI) has organized for first time in Quito, Ecuador, the training course Industrial Cybersecurity and Critical Infrastructure Protection, sponsored by the company GMS; this is the largest Information Security provider of the country. The course was organized under the coordination of Mr. Carlos Jumbo, Ecuador’s Inforec CEO. The course was held during November 26th, 27th and 28th.

This activity comes from the commitment of the Center in the promotion and dissemination of Industrial Cybersecurity best practices in Iberoamerica.

Although this course is the last activity of the year for this part of the world,  the presence of the CCI is not new in the area. Last May it was held in Bogotá, Colombia, the Second Industrial Cybersecurity Iberoamerican Congress; there have been as well several initiatives in other countries such as Argentina, Peru or Mexico.

The course gathered more than 20 attendees coming from the main Ecuatorian’s, and surrounding countries’, public and private entities. This diversity favored the information exchange and a deep analysis of the topic providing new approaches to the current challenges. In this framework, Spain was again a reference in the topic.

Some of the topics covered during the training were the high involvement and interest of Ecuador in Cybersecurity; this country has promoted the foundation of their Cyberdefense Task Force inside their Department of Defense. It was covered as well how important it is to protect newly developed infrastructures such as the Water and Electricity facilities. These discussions, as well as other ones, equally important, derived in interesting meetings with key country’s personalities  that were widely covered by the local press and media.

During 2015 the Center will keep its expanding activities, and the development of the local ecosystems in the different countries. Some initiatives are already confirmed such as the Fourth Industrial Cybersecurity Congress, that will be held during the first week of June in Buenos Aires, Argentina. There are planned as well more training courses, and reports and publications localized for the different countries.

Esta ha sido la última actividad del año desarrollada por el CCI en Latinoamérica. En 2015 el Centro continuará con su expansión y desarrollo de los ecosistemas de los distintos países de la región, con actividades ya confirmadas como el IV Congreso Iberoamericano de Ciberseguridad Industrial que se celebrará la primera semana de Junio en Buenos Aires (Argentina) y otras que están ultimando relativas a formaciones en otros países y desarrollo de informes y análisis localizados.

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