The Industrial Cybersecurity Center in Poland


Piotr Jasinski

Piotr is MSc in Industrial Automation and has gained 15-year experience in industrial sector in areas like operations, OT systems maintenance, ICS implementation, project leading, pre-sales and sales as well as consulting OT systems/ICS implementations for national and multinational customers in- and outside Europe. For many years, he worked in Schneider Electric Automation Solution Centre […]

Marcin Dudek

IT and OT security expert, focused on industrial devices vulnerability research. A graduate of the University of Warwick in the field of Cyber Security and Management. He worked for multiple companies, including Polish Gas and Oil Company, National Center for Nuclear Research (NCBJ), and ComCERT.PL delivering IT and OT incident response related services. Founder of […]

Maite Carli García

Maite Carli is Communication Manager and General European Coordinator at the Industrial Cybersecurity Center. Specialized in administration of networks and communications, industrial critical infrastructures, industry 4.0, data analysis technologies in the Health sector and industrial cybersecurity, having done several advanced courses and a master. She has developed her professional career in the United Kingdom for […]

Mr. Marcin Dudek, the Industrial Cibersecurity Center Coordinator in Poland (CCI Coordinators Team), helps us to get in context of the state of the industrial cybersecurity in his country, and to do so, he shares with us his impressions.

He describes the level of sensitivity of industrial organizations in his country according to the following percentages:

He also affirms that the trend of recent years has been an exponentially grown.

Poland counts with local and national public bodies promoting an adequate legal framework, in order to ensure the progressive incorporation of industrial cybersecurity measures in national presence companies (mainly critical infrastructure). The main organizations are:

  • RCB

Among the main national laws and regulations affecting in this context in Poland, Marcin Dudek mentions:

  • Act on the National Cyber Security System (Dz.U. 2018 poz. 1560)
  • National Critical Infrastructure Protection Program

Analysing the most widely adopted industrial cybersecurity measures by Polish organizations to protect industrial automation systems, Marcin Dudek highlights the application of:

  • Industrial cybersecurity consulting / advisory
  • Conventional firewalls
  • SIEM (Security information and event management)

The CCI Coordinator in Poland characterizes the industrial cybersecurity situation in his country with the following SWOT analysis:


  • Lack of operational technologies certifications, processes and professionals

  • Lack of specific industry cybersecurity legislation

  • Lack of events and forums on industrial cybersecurity


  • Awareness, especially regarding industrial critical infrastructures

  • Increase of Industrial cyber security trained professionals


  • Slow legislation

  • Shortage of local industrial cybersecurity professionals working for manufacturers

  • High dependency on foreign high technologies


  • Increased of cibersecurity demand for Industry 4.0 and the Internet of things.

  • Advantage with the lessons learned from smart grid cibersecurity.

  • Strategic position in the industrial cyber security sector


XVI International Congress of experiences in Industrial Cybersecurity. Europe

As a fundamental part of its activity, the Industrial Cybersecurity Center (CCI) will hold its XVI Industrial Cybersecurity International Congress in Europe from September 28th to 30th (9:00 to 14:00 CEST), one of the benchmark events for the European market, and a meeting and exchange point of knowledge, experiences and relationships of all the actors […]

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