Program for Recognition of the Commitment to Industrial Cybersecurity

Recognition of professional involvement

The objective is the recognition of those professionals busy and concerned about industrial cybersecurity and the consequences of “cyber” within their organizations, or as the central axis of their training, and who demonstrate a commitment to the development of this discipline.


Recognize and motivate the efforts of professionals, and support them in that personal and professional commitment to continuous improvement.


Encourage the early vocation of students to help companies meet their demand for professionals, and students to discover an innovative and high-demand profession (based on various statistics that support the high demand for these professionals).

Professional orientation

Provide basic academic and professional guidance in industrial cybersecurity, in collaboration with training centers.

Bring supply and demand closer

Bringing the supply and demand of professionals closer together in a sector where ignorance of the real needs – by both parties – is extensive.


Generate an active ecosystem of dialogue and collaboration between the specialized training offer, professionals and companies.

Circle of excellence

Create a circle of excellence and quality of CCI brand Industrial Cybersecurity professionals.

Professional category

Participants with a professional career in industrial cybersecurity, whether in the performance of their functions in industrial organizations, suppliers, integrators, or any entity with a direct or indirect relationship with industrial cybersecurity, including teachers and researchers

Student category

Aimed at participants under 26 years of age, students, who are completing previous studies -industrial engineering, computer science, telecommunications or equivalent training- necessary as a basis of the knowledge required to assimilate the subsequent specialization towards industrial cybersecurity


Be 25 years old or younger
Be a member of the CCI ecosystem
Access to the documentation of the Center and active participation in the CCI ecosystem
Attendance at events on the subject8h16h24h8h16h24h
Industrial cybersecurity training8h20h30h8h20h30h
Research work on industrial cybersecurity
Experience in projects / publications / teaching in industrial cybersecurity
Pass the online test






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