8 years promoting industrial cybersecurity with the same enthusiasm


On March 5, 2013, Samuel Linares, Ignacio Paredes and José Valiente launched the Industrial Cybersecurity Center (CCI).

It was the first center that was born from the industry and without subsidies, independent and non-profit, with the firm purpose of promoting and contributing to the improvement of Industrial Cybersecurity in Spain and Latin America.

The Center started with the support of industrial organizations, consultants, engineering firms, organizations and institutions. Throughout 2013, CCI published five documents, which today are part of the document library of several dozen documents. Likewise, CCI held five events in 2013: four, framed in the so-called “The Voice of the Industry” and a fifth called the “Ibero-American Congress of Industrial Cybersecurity”, which are part of the more than 30 meetings of the voice of the industry held in Spain, Argentina, Chile, Colombia Ecuador, Mexico, Paraguay, Peru and Uruguay, as well as the 15 international congresses held so far.

The beginnings were complicated, the organization of workshops, events and congresses in Latin America had many difficulties, coordinating the participation of speakers, logistics, dissemination, sponsorships, the participation of organizations in the country, etc. But the enthusiasm and help of the coordinators of the different countries have allowed that not even blackouts of more than an hour and a half that we suffer have discouraged us, but on the contrary, we are more excited than ever to continue meeting members from all over the world.

In addition to sharing knowledge and experiences in these international events with new members of the ecosystem, in 2018, CCI launched the professional school of industrial cybersecurity directed by Susana Asensio, and which has already trained more than 600 professionals, there are quite a few changes that has experienced school, becoming in just three years a benchmark.

The Industrial Cybersecurity Center after 8 years has become a great ecosystem of organizations, private and public, and professionals related to the practices and technologies of Industrial Cybersecurity in Europe and Latin America, as well as a reference for the exchange of knowledge , experiences and the dynamization of the sectors involved in this area.

We thank all the professionals who help us build CCI, sharing their knowledge and experiences in articles, documents, meetings and events, and in a very special way we appreciate the effort and dedication of experts and coordinators to create a solid and agile ecosystem.

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