La Voz de la Industria The Voice of the Industry

A demanding public at the last meeting of The Voice of Industry 2015 held in Madrid


On December 16 Industrial Cyber ​​Security Center (CCI) held the twelfth meeting of the Voice of Industry in Spain called “Experience managing the Industrial Cybersecurity. Technical and organizational measures”.

This appointment was the fifth meeting of 2015, after those held in February, May, September and November. With this series of meetings, CCI intends to act as a point of meeting and dialogue in the industry to bring Cybersecurity automation systems and control.
We welcome suggestions from some participants for the next meetings of the voice of the industry have practical and more specialized cases and a panel debate with better arguments and a more open participation. We are already working to improve these aspects in the next meeting, which will be full-time, one in Madrid on May 5, 2016 and another in Barcelona on September 8.
In this latest edition of “Voice of the Industry” ecositema took stock of CCI in 2015 and the main features of ICMS (Industrial Cybersecurity Management System) were exposed; could also hear the proposals of Cisco as a manufacturer, and Tecnocom as implanter Cybersecurity solutions applicable to the industry. Also some news about the National Cyber ​​Security Industry Scheme (ENCI) went ahead, and the certification body DEKRA described how it will address the implementation and certification of KIMS in the Spanish industries. Finally, a panel discussion in which various experts addressed the issue of collaboration between IT and OT on Cybersecurity was held.
You can download a complete overview from the following link: Summary Meeting LVI


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