A hundreds of attendees joined us at the meeting of "The Voice of Industry" celebrated on May 5


In this meeting in Madrid last May 5, we were able to examine for the first time the “Cybersecurity in the design” through each stage of a project of industrial automation.


Cybersecurity in such projects, due to the use of proprietary technologies in the computer world, and the need to share data between corporate and industrial networks, should be approached with joint participation of the teams of IT and OT.
CCI experts presented the document “Cybersecurity in the Lifecycle in a Project Industrial Automation” to continue with the design phase of a project, within which were presented on one hand the approach of the European Commission for certification industrial technologies, and then a real case of designing a secure architecture of industrial network presented by Check Point. In the implementation phase, Palo Alto Networks presented as integrated security technologies in an industrial plant and its connection to the corporate environment. The morning session ended with the practical demonstration by the CMC Group and Fortinet three types of attack and defense strategy on a concetrador and two smart electricity meters.
In the afternoon, in the phase of operation and maintenance a practical presentation of risk management through a GRC tool, by Govertis, and a presentation of how to approach the management of cybersecurity incidents OT, which was exposed they were addressed by S21Sec.
In many industrial automation projects there are processes that handle hazardous materials, so attendees will have the opportunity to learn how to integrate cybersecurity safety, Dekra hand Insight.
The meeting ended addressing the future of industrial automation and how to protect new technologies of operation: Smart OT.

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