Building RECIN and ESCIM technical platforms


Industrial organizations in sectors such as energy, chemicals or food, among others, have begun to include cybersecurity requirements in their new automation or operating technology renewal projects. However, when it comes to identifying the requirements related to cybersecurity that they should include or the capabilities that their providers must have, they are in serious difficulties. In addition, the demands that the regulation poses further hinder this process, so CCI is building a technical platform with the collaboration of engineering areas of industrial organizations.

RECIN, will allow modeling industrial automation projects and recommend cybersecurity requirements from an affordable catalog that includes regulations and standards for each component or group of components (Zones and ducts).

However, cyber resilience is also particularly important in this context. Industrial organizations can suffer considerable economic losses if they suffer a technological incident, and even more if they have a very high impact. Thus, in order to facilitate the preparation of organizations and their industrial suppliers, the Industrial Cybersecurity Center is building ESCIM, a technical platform for high-impact industrial cybersecurity incidents.

This platform will allow to know this type of incidents that may affect a certain sector and its automated processes. In this way, it will enable organizations to carry out cyber exercises or review their cybersecurity controls and anticipate incidents.

In addition, it will facilitate the preparation, identification, containment and recovery necessary to manage these incidents. In other words, it will help an industrial organization know at all times what work to undertake throughout the life cycle of a high-impact incident.

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