CCI at CYpBER 2020


Agustín Valencia, as CCI delegate at this event, participated in the session on “Cybersecurity in the field of conventional and renewable energies”

The sectors involved in the event have been the following:

Maritime sector:
Cybersecurity is now a priority in the shipping industry, as it is an interesting but sensitive target for cyberattacks.
It is proven that 90% of world trade is transported by merchant ships, increasingly dependent on digital and operational technology, together with the wide network of service providers, while port management also plays a central role in the supply chain. supply of the globalized and real market. impact on the daily lives of the majority of the world’s population.

Oil and gas sector:
Cybersecurity is a priority for Upstream, Midstream and Downstream functions in the oil and gas industry.
From wells to terminals and fuel stations, along the entire value chain, a large attack surface is created that could lead to economic or life losses and very serious environmental incidents.

Energy sector:
Cybersecurity in the energy sector is a major concern. From conventional or renewable production, transportation, storage, and distribution, energy is hands down one of the most critical assets in modern society. It’s about your stability and prosperity.

For this reason, the organization of CYpBER 2020 has worked to address the following points:

• EU cybersecurity strategy
• Cybersecurity norms and standards
• Cyber ​​strategy evaluations
• Information exchange and cybersecurity collaboration
• Cybersecurity awareness, training, exercise, orientation
• Identification and assessment of cyber risks and threats
• Cybersecurity, business intelligence and data analysis
• Cybersecurity implications for IT-OT, Scada / ICS, Big Data
• Cyber-physical systems and the Internet of things
• Cybersecurity and artificial intelligence (AI)
• Cybersecurity and blockchain
• Cybersecurity and the human factor

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