CCI celebrates its VI International Congress in Chile with a selection of excellent conference


On 17 and 18 May in Santiago de Chile we celebrate a congress that began with the presentation of the state of the Industrial Cyber Security in Chile.


A new edition, the sixth, the International Congress of Industrial Cybersecurity, held in Santiago, Chile, on 17 and 18 May, brought together nearly a hundred people who have enjoyed excellent presentations which have been shared approaches, experiences and knowledge.
We were able to enjoy two days to that “culture of cybersecurity start gradually adopted in the Chilean industrial sector, which benefits all who consume services and products” as commented one attendee.
This new edition has revealed the steps on cybersecurity that are being taken from the Chilean government, preliminary results of the study industrial cybersecurity in Chile, as well as different perspectives industrial cybersecurity by experts in organizations and industrial manufacturers as well as providers of services and solutions that have presented their approaches to protect critical infrastructure industry.
The congress highlighted by comprehensively cover technological risks in the industrial environment, as well as some solutions. We hope that this first congress in Chile allow advance awareness and improving the protection of Chilean industrial infrastructures.

Agenda Schedule