CCI works with the Forum for Corporate Security in Mexico 2015


Further to the CCI collaboration with IRN, the event organizer, the Centre for Industrial Cybersecurity is one of the contributors to the next edition of this entrenched forum.

The summit, which brings together security experts in the financial oil sectors, engineering, among others, will be held on 14,15 and October 16, 2015 in Mexico City (Mexico).
While the overall picture of geopolitical risk in Mexico is low and the current market potential is very high, violence related to smuggling and other criminal activities continue to raise concern in international companies and potential foreign investors. Homicides, kidnappings, extortion, cyber attacks, attacks on installations, agitations and disturbances challenge the regional government and have the potential to affect the various stages of the value chain.
Companies wishing to benefit from the huge investment opportunities offered by Mexico must ensure that the security of your company has been thoroughly evaluated, planned and executed a comprehensive way, and with the participation of the National Security Services to ensure protection, safety and marketability of its operations in the country.
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