Last March 24 was held in Madrid, Spain, the first meeting of the year of the CCI’s Knowledge Teams. This activity gathers a reduced number of Active Members around a specific topic to cover all the aspects related to improving cybersecurity. Currently there are three active groups: Engineering or EPC Groups, Smart Metering and Critical Infrastructure Protection.In the case of the Critical Infrastructure Protection team, it is worthy to mention the presence of an expert of the National Critical Protection Center (CNPIC), who answered to fifteen questions generated by the audience. Twelve of these questions were sent beforehand to allow a detailed answer on behalf of CNPIC while the rest came out during the meeting.

The topics covered went from the presence or not of incentives and promoting measures for the implementation of the Critical Infrastructure Protection Law, to the requirements to be filled by the service providers in relation to protecting Critical Infrastructures from cyber attacks.

In this friendly context, the CNPIC became closer to the Industry, and on the other hand, the Industry itself had an additional channel to express its opinion.

These groups meet every two months, and the participation may be on premises or by video streaming with the objective of allowing the participation of Active Members either from remote countries or from their business place.