La Voz de la Industria The Voice of the Industry

Excellent first meeting of The Voice of Industry held in Colombia last November 23


On November 23 we held our first meeting of The Voice of Industry in Latin America, specifically in Bogota (Colombia) as referring industrial site development.

At this meeting the results of the Study of Industrial Cybersecurity occurred in Colombia, making an interesting comparison between the results obtained in Spain and Colombia. The full results of this study will be published in early 2016.
As in the past speakers have extraordinary experience in the field of industrial Cybersecurity that presented at this meeting, as was the case of Maria Torres (Everis) and Arkaitz Gamino (Tecnalia) which presented some case studies of implementation of security policies in a critical infrastructure continuity plans and simulations of Cybersecurity. Enrique Fenollosa (S2 Grupo) presented the change that is experiencing the world and the need for industrial Cybersecurity laboratories that include the “Safety” and “Security” to prepare new industrial automation environments.
The day continued with presentations by two major providers of Colombia, SISA and Identian, in the first case and Cristian Isaza and Juan Victoria presented today on Cybersecurity in Colombia, challenges and what are the actions that should be carried out by adding layers of protection . After Robin Salcedo, professional with extensive experience in industrial diagnostics Cybersecurity in Colombia, explained what should be done and what not.
The meeting closed with table discussion entitled: What is the view of industrial organizations and suppliers in addressing the Industrial Cybersecurity ?. In which the panellists responded to questions like What priorities should be marked industrial organization to address the Industrial Cybersecurity? or What are the main difficulties that an industrial organization is to manage the risks of cybersecurity?

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