Industrial Cybersecurity Management Workshop in Paraguay. June 19, 2019


On June 19 at MITIC, Asunción, Paraguay, CCI held one of the most demanded workshops of the Professional School of Industrial Cybersecurity in which 20 IT professionals from the Government, Military Forces, National Police and the Third Sector participated. The workshop was based on a practical case and allowed the participants to know and practice how to implement a Cybersecurity Management system in an industrial environment.

Currently, industrial organizations and infrastructure, especially those that support essential services, are very sensitive to the recent serious cybersecurity incidents that have occurred in some critical processes, whose interruption or destruction could have an impact on health, safety or security. The economic well-being of the citizens or in the efficient functioning of the institutions of the State and of the Public Administrations.
Assess and understand the risk associated with these infrastructures and their basic relationship with the Automation and Industrial Control Systems is necessary for any security professional involved or related to industrial processes in the energy sector, chemical and nuclear industry, food or transport , among others.
The workshop was given by the Director of the Industrial Cybersecurity Center José Valiente and by the General Coordinator for Latin America of the CCI Claudio Caracciolo.

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