Publication of the first sector study on the state of Cybersecurity in Spanish industry


This report called “State of cybersecurity in industrial sectors in Spain” provides focused and complete information that allows determining the level of the 5 sectors with respect to cybersecurity. The general points evaluated in this study are those of Industrial Cybersecurity Organization, Risk Assessment, Incident Management and Planning; Technical Aspects of Industrial Cybersecurity, Use of Standards and Measures.

50% of the data obtained have been from companies with between 250 and more than 500 employees. With this figure, there is no doubt that organizations with a higher volume of workers are more aware of the need to implement, maintain and, above all, promote Industrial Cybersecurity measures among their employees.

The positions or responsibilities of most of the participants are part of the executive layer (Directors and Heads of areas). It is worth highlighting the percentage of respondents who work within the different IT departments (11%) of the participating companies, as well as the low proportion of CISOs (4%) or those responsible for cybersecurity (1%).

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