Publication of the first study on the state of Cybersecurity in Galician industry


This report called “Study on the state of Industrial Cybersecurity in Galicia” provides focused and complete information that allows determining the level at which Galicia is with respect to cybersecurity. The general points evaluated in this study are those of Industrial Cybersecurity Organization: Responsibility and Degree of Training; Industrial Cybersecurity Management: Risk Assessment, Incident Management and Planning; Technical Aspects of Industrial Cybersecurity: Network Connection, Remote Access, Use of Standards and Measures; and Industrial Cybersecurity Market: Forecast of New Activities, Requirements for New Projects, Contracting of Projects and Professional Certificates.

This study becomes a fundamental source on industrial cybersecurity intended for future business ventures, and allows the global analysis of the state of Industrial Cybersecurity in Galicia, given the variety of companies that participated in the evaluation.

In addition, this study allows us to think about the need to develop Industrial Cybersecurity in a planned way from aspects such as the organizational one, with a clear definition of roles and responsibilities based on risk analysis, or taking care of technical aspects such as access control and security. Segmentation of networks, up to the response to incidents that may arise, and the improvement in resilience capacities, while allowing deliberation on the necessary ecosystem to evolve on standards, projects, suppliers, regulatory bodies and qualified personnel .

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