Published document: Business impact of using not supported software

The concept of industrial software extends beyond automation applications, also includes documentation, data handling and product support necessary to ensure proper performance and eliminate errors, mistakes and weaknesses of security, ie, should provided An essential to ensure business operations “resilient software.”

The European Agency for the Security of Information and Networks (ENISA) warns about the risks of using discontinued software, not only due to lack of support from the manufacturer, but also by third parties, including manufacturers of anti-malware or other software or peripherals. This will result in persistent exposure to vulnerabilities and the inability to upgrade peripherals or third party applications.

In the survey conducted in Spain to industrial organizations, engineers and manufacturers by CCI, was identified in March 2014 40% of industrial organizations had more than 100 PCs with Windows XP which operating system dependent industrial automated processes and where the operating system is discontinued by the manufacturer.

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