Released the document "Status of Industrial Cybersecurity in Spain 2013"

The document on the State of the Industrial Cybersecurity in Spain provides a realistic and precise vision of the state of cybersecurity in Spain contemplating Industry areas such as organization and management, technical aspects and market expectations.

This document has been developed attempting to keep an objective point of view based on the knowledge of some of the most important actors in the Industral Cybersecurity in Spain. The Industral Cybersecurity Center wishes this document to be useful allowing its readers to achieve in-depth knowledge about what is the status and future evolution of one of the fastest growing markets in the coming years.
In the survey have taken part 52 industrial organizations and 74 service providers

Surveyed organizations cover the main sectors of the industry, with a greater presence of the electric sector, and oil and gas companies but also including water, automated manufacturing, engineering, ICT, chemical industry, financial organizations, transportation, food and nuclear industry.


Link to download document: Estado de la Ciberseguridad Industrial en España 2013

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