Virtual Meeting Experiences in Cybersecurity of the European Industry


First European meeting of the Center for Industrial Cybersecurity with the participation of experts and coordinators to share experiences held on February 11

The preliminary results of the study on the state of cybersecurity in European industry in 2020-2021 have been presented.

This meeting has allowed the sharing of lessons learned from managers and experts in the utilities, manufacturing and transportation sectors.

With the special participation of:

PANEL: OT Cybersecurity experiences  in Utility

  • Agustín Valencia (ES)
  • Luciano Manfredi (UK)
  • Søren Egede (DK)
  • Stephan Gerling (DE)

PANEL: OT Cybersecurity experiences  in Manufacturing

  • Antonio Rodríguez (ES)
  • Can Demirel (TR)
  • Samuel Linares (ES)

PANEL: OT Cybersecurity experiences  in Transport

  • Laurent Pelud (FR)
  • Anton Shipulin (RU)
  • Jesús Mérida (ES)

Agenda Schedule