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Gerardo Fabián González Gionchetti

  • More than 30 years of experience in Telecommunications, Systems and Cybersecurity IT and OT.
  • Certified by ISA in all modules (4) of the International Standard IEC62443
  • He has written popular technology books about the "Internet of things" and the use of "renewable energies" (Discovery (2021). Spain and Argentina. ISBN: 978-84-18267-28-4-00018 and 978-84- 17472-59-7-00012).
  • He has held positions of various responsibilities in large companies in Argentina such as FiberTel, AESA and YPF, among others. Today he works as an external expert consultant in Industrial Cybersecurity, independently, advising, carrying out different assessments and teaching awareness and training courses to private and government companies, mainly in Latin America.
  • More than 18 years as a teacher in different disciplines and Universities:

> National Technological University (UTN FRBA), currently on the subject "Industrial Cybersecurity", in the Information Systems Engineering career. He has also taught Professional Qualification, Planning and Management Control and Algorithms and data models.
> University of Defense (UNDEF), Faculty of Engineering of the Army (FIE) and the Aeronautical University Institute of Córdoba, teaching the subject "Critical Infrastructures" in the Master's Degree in Cyber ​​Defense.
> ESAN Peru – Cybersecurity Diploma for companies in the Energy Sector. Module 2: Industrial Cybersecurity and IICC.
> UNSTA – Universidad del Norte Santo Tomás de Aquino – Diploma in Cybersecurity in Industrial Systems

  • He is an Information Systems Engineer (UTN), postgraduate in UADE "Management Executive Program" and "Digital Marketing" (UB).