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Fernando Guerrero

Computer and systems engineer. With a Masters in Sciences in Germany, in the branch of Computational Engineering and a Masters in Arts, in Spain, in the branch of Strategic Management and Innovation Management.

Fernando has worked for more than 14 years in the electrical sector, always in the branch of Cybersecurity. With extensive knowledge in control systems, real-time systems, information systems with their own infrastructure and in the cloud.

He has received professional recognition from the EC Council (2015 - C | CISO Of the year) and the Cybersecurity Excellence Awards (2017 - Cybersecurity professional of the year).

He is a person dedicated to study and research. He has several certifications and security training to his credit. Being the first CISCO of Ecuador, it has leveraged several projects in the electric sector of its country. He has also received training in cybersecurity of operations, information security for SMEs, ISO27000 and NERC-CIP. She speaks 4 languages and is an active member of Mensa International.

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