Equipo CCI

CCI Team

Physical Security Expert

Miguel Merino

He has extensive managerial experience, acquired in the security departments of SEAT, Volkswagen Group, DHL, Danzas and TNT, which has allowed him to develop and implement strategic plans for corporate security, loss prevention, industrial security, self-protection, management of crisis and expatriates, business continuity and protection of knowledge. He has also successfully collaborated on projects to protect against jihadist attacks, compliance, risk management, intelligence, cybersecurity, privacy and data protection.

He completed university studies of master in intelligence and corporate security, degree in ADE, administration and management of technology companies, management of security in companies, protection of critical infrastructure and comprehensive logistics. He was temporarily certified in business continuity as CBCI by the British Continuity Institute, is also a technician in occupational risk prevention and holds a "green level" professional credential in industrial cybersecurity by the CCI (Center for Industrial Cybersecurity).

His permanent involvement with his profession has led him to participate in altruistic projects such as the presidency of ASIS Spain during the period 2001-2002, the permanence and contribution to the Technical Advisory Council of Seguritecnia, the Advisory Committee of the Borredá Foundation and the CCI - Industrial Cybersecurity Center as an Expert in Physical Security and has taught at various universities.