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Industrial Cybersecurity Center Coordinator - Spain - Aragon

Pablo Ballarín

Pablo Ballarín is Cybersecurity advisor and Virtual CISO in relevant organizations. Specialization in support of CISOs, IOT and Industrial cybersecurity, and also in the ethical aspects of AI solutions.

Co-founder of Balusian, a provider of IT services and cybersecurity consulting, conducting multiple investigations within the area of IoT cybersecurity and in Smart Cities.

He is a professor of the cybersecurity course of the Computer Sciences career of CESTE and of the IA Master of CESTE in the module "Cybersecurity risks and ethical problems in Artificial Intelligence solutions" among others. He is currently a member of the ISACA Valencia Directorate as Head of the Northern Zone.

Speaker at multiple national and international events, such as Robotiuris (2019), CSX-Eurocacs de ISACA (2017, 2018 and 2019), ISACA Barcelona (2017 and 2018), ISACA Valencia (2016), Conpilar (2019), Telefónica sessions in Andalucía (2016) among others.