CCI publishes the pocket guide "Cybersecurity in the Industrial Automation Pyramid"

This guide shows quickly and visually the main vulnerabilities that could exist in the 5 levels of the pyramid of industrial automation and the most recommended measures of protection.

The technologies used in the automation and management of productive processes are represented in the so-called “Automation Pyramid”, which includes the five technological levels that can be found in an industrial environment.

The pocket guide has been developed thanks to the collaboration of several CCI experts (Susana Asensio, Eduardo Dimonte, Samuel Linares, Ignacio Paredes, Miguel García-Menéndez, Antonio Rodríguez and José Valiente) and the participation of industrial cybersecurity consultant Aarón Flecha.

The list of vulnerabilities has been selected from the document “Practical Guide to the Construction of an Industrial Cybersecurity Management System”

The list of measures has been selected from the document “Cybersecurity in the Life Cycle in an Industrial Automation Project”

The pocket guide can be downloaded by accessing the following link: Pocket Guide

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