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European Industrial Cybersecurity Regulatory Landscape


Document that offers the reader a guide that will allow him to know the most relevant regulatory frameworks of European countries, whether mandatory (legal) o vuluntary – available to be applied to the industrial ecosystem, which is related or may be related to cybersecurity in that scope. To this end, a number of countries have been analyzed: Belgium (BE), Germany (DE), Spain (ES), France (FR), Italy (IT), Netherlands (NL), Portugal (PT), Romania (RO), Turkey (TR) and United Kingdom (UK).

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Pocket Guide: Reducing risks incurred by OT cybersecurity controls


Pocket guide, which addresses the most common risks linked to the seven main cybersecurity measures in automation and industrial control environments. This analysis will allow an understanding of the potential threats to which we are exposed and, in turn, will facilitate the implementation of effective strategies to protect critical systems in these operating environments.