Professional Online Master Degree of Industrial Cybersecurity


On March 4, 2021, the fourth edition of the Industrial Cybersecurity Professional Online Master began, comprehensive training in industrial cybersecurity that trains industrial automation professionals and information technology professionals, as cybersecurity managers in automation projects or managers of cybersecurity in industrial operation.

Understand the technological risks of industrial critical infrastructures, industrial automation and SCADA networks and systems and how to apply protection measures


Analyzing and understanding the risk associated with these infrastructures and their basic relationship with Industrial Control Systems is necessary for any automation or security professional related to areas such as ICT, energy, chemical and nuclear industry, manufacturing, food or transport, among others, for this the following subjects will be studied in depth:

• Cybersecurity concepts in industrial control systems and protection of critical infrastructures and their state of the art at the international level.
• Analysis of threats and vulnerabilities of industrial control systems recognizing their associated risk.
• Design and adequate management framework in Essential Services and industrial environments.
• Adoption of standards and recommendations applicable to the industrial environment.
• Design of a cybersecurity program in industrial control systems.
• Important organizational and management aspects: IT Director vs. Security Director vs. Plant Manager vs. Production director.
• Application of defense strategies and techniques for the protection of industrial automation systems.

Students will receive comprehensive industrial cybersecurity training, training them as cybersecurity managers in an automation project or cybersecurity managers in industrial operation.

The faculty of the master leads the field of industrial cybersecurity internationally


In the online master, you will work with tools such as RECIN, which includes a template to create architectures in IT and OT environments so that students can interact with a tool that represents the components of industrial environments.

Includes CCI publications worth € 2.200& free access during a year to a complete CCI publications libray

Objectives. Upon successful completion of the Master, the student will be able to:

• Carry out a cybersecurity diagnosis in an industrial environment, both at a technical and organizational level.
• Prepare an industrial cybersecurity program based on risk analysis and gap analysis of current best practices and standards.
• Use hacking techniques and tools to identify vulnerable components in the control system and SCADA infrastructure.
• Apply defense strategies and techniques to protect industrial automation systems.
• Learn how to make a Forensic Analisys in OT enviroments.

Aimed primarily at professionals in industrial automation, instrumentation and control professionals, ICT and Information Security professionals: Cybersecurity professional (industrial organization), and Cybersecurity professional (engineering or industrial manufacturer)
Documentation included: Master’s includes for free a copy of more than 12 ITC deliverables and publications, the value of which amounts to more than € 2.200; and free access during a year to the complete CCI publications library
Duration-Schedule-Workspaces: The Master encompasses more than 450h of effort by the student, distributed in 4 modules, with 8 papers and a Master’s thesis project. Each module includes 3 online masterclasses that can be followed live with the teacher (mainly Thursday from 19:00 to 20:30 Madrid-Spain time), or remotely, at any time, viewing the recording of the session (12 masterclasses total).

Delivery of the Diploma of the Center for Industrial Cybersecurity, and Professional Credential Black Level of the Program of Recognition of the Commitment to Industrial Cybersecurity of the CCI

Maximum capacity 20 places online

Members of the CCI ecosystem have special prices:

Active Member with Subscription € 2,450 place
Active or Professional Member € 2,850 place
Basic member € 3,050 place
Non-member € 3,450 place
Prices VAT not included (consult taxes outside Europe)

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