Roadmap of Industrial Cybersecurity in Spain 2019-2020


A lot of work and resources had to be invested in reducing the deficiencies in our critical cybersecurity infrastructures and continually improving them. The new roadmap aims to establish a series of milestones that must be met in order to continue facing the way forward with firm steps. Some of the challenges identified in 2013 have been overcome or are at an advanced level of maturity, such as:

  • Raise general awareness and provide specialized training.
  • Increased research in industrial cybersecurity.
  • Creation of good practice guides and reference standards.

However, other challenges are still in their initial phase or at a medium level of development, such as:

  • Creation of evaluation schemes.
  • Support for the development of regulatory frameworks.
  • Creation of systems that include cybersecurity from design.

In this roadmap, the structure of the basic framework (framework core) has been adopted, identifying a set of cybersecurity activities, their current status and the expected results through indicators.

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