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Coordinator of the Industrial Cybersecurity Center

Can Demirel

Can Demirel has been working as a cyber security professional since 2011. Demirel took part in various security projects in diverse disciplines and sectors such as; finance, e-commerce, government, telco and energy. Recently Demirel has been working on national critical infrastructure security projects mostly focusing on energy. Demirel is both developing audit and adaptive pentesting methodologies on critical infrastructures. On the other hand, Demirel published/reported zero day vulnerabilities on well-known products and is also listed on ICS-CERT advisories and participates NATO and EU FP7 energy security workshops.

Demirel also has continuous contribution to ICS community, he is an international speaker for well known ICS cyber security conferences and he also leads community activites in Turkey. He also take part in national level strategy development for critical infrastructure protection.

Demirel holds a bachelor's degree in electrical and electronics engineering.