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Industrial Cybersecurity Center Coordinator - Basque Country

Edorta Echave

He is a Senior Technician in Computer Systems and Telecommunications and "Specialist in Network Design and Security" from the Public University of the Basque Country. He has directed his professional career around communications infrastructures, reaching certifications such as CCNA, ITIL, SIEMENS CPIN Security, Nozomi Networks Certified Engineer, and specific training in security products and solutions.

He currently works as a Technical Consultant in Industrial Cybersecurity for Secure&IT, a company that since June 2019 is part of the LKS NEXT cooperative group belonging to the Mondragon Corporation. First business organization in the Basque Country and tenth in Spain, with representation on five continents.

He has more than 10 years of experience in the field of Industrial Cybersecurity, having participated, among others, in the development, execution and supervision of projects; deployment of technical solutions; network design; advice; Consulting and support for companies in the Automotive, Aeronautics, Power Generation and Manufacturing Industry sectors.

He shares his professional activity with different teaching tasks such as professor at the "Professional School of Industrial Cybersecurity", University Master's degrees and Vocational Training Centers, having participated as a speaker in outstanding reference events such as "IndusSec"; "Basque Industry 4.0" - The Meeting Point"; "STIC CCN-CERT Conference"; "Advanced Factories"; among others.

He is author and founder of the Blog https://enredandoconredes.com pioneer in the dissemination of articles related to Industrial Cybersecurity where he periodically publishes research articles.