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Industrial Cybersecurity Center Coordinator

Freddy Macho

Freddy is a professional with extensive experience, an expert in Information Security and Cybersecurity, with management and creation of Security Testing, Cyber Plan & Design, Security Audit, Strategic Security Consulting and Data Protection services. Experience of more than 20 years, developed in 15 countries on 4 continents. Management of multidisciplinary senior level teams. Creation and development of Security research lines in various fields. Generation of strategic alliances both nationally and internationally. Presenter, Panelist, exhibitor and speaker of international security events.

He has held senior management and leadership roles in various organizations. He currently develops various activities among, which are:

  • President and founder of the IoT Security Institute chapter Chile (IoTSI Chile).
  • President of the IoT Committee of the Cybersecurity Laboratory (OEA).
  • President and founder of the IoT Cybersecurity Research Center - IIoT (CIC IoT - IIoT)
  • ICS – IoT – IIoT Expert Researcher as a member of the "Global Foundation for Cyber ​​Studies and Research" from Washington, District of Columbia, United States.
  • Counselor of the Cybersecurity Advisory Committee at the IACC Academic Institution of Chile, being the creator of the Cybersecurity, Telecommunications and Industrial Automation careers.
  • Cybersecurity Advisor at Board level for a private Holding with global presence.
  • Regional Coordinator of the Industrial Cybersecurity Center (CCI).

As a cybersecurity researcher, he has been the Director and founder of the research line of the IoT Security Institute, creator and Director of the IoT - IIoT Cybersecurity Research Center. He is a member of the research team of the Cloud Security Alliance on the topics of ICS, IoT, IIoT and Security Incident Management, member of the creative team by the International IoT Security Institute of the "Smart Cities & Critical Infrastructure Security Professional - SCCISP" (first Cybersecurity professional certification in these areas globally). He has prestigious studies among which is a Master in Cybersecurity, Analysis and Engineering, Master in Industrial Cybersecurity, as well as a Post Graduate Degree in Systems Development, among others. In addition to the above, it has more than 40 different certifications of Information Security, Cybersecurity and data protection, both agnostic and in specific technologies, which are among those known worldwide.

He is a writer and editor of various publications and papers of an investigative nature, in turn, he has served as a writer and reviewer of various guides and books of well-known technological publishers.