Equipo CCI

CCI Team

Coordinator of the Industrial Cybersecurity Center

Marina Krotofil

Marina Krotofil is Senior Automation Security Engineer with the industry. For the past decade she has been focusing on advanced methods for securing Industrial Control Systems. Marina has discovered several novel attack vectors on cyber-physical systems and proposed security approaches from process control engineering discipilne. She specializes on incident response, forensic investigations, ICS malware analysis and on engineering of defenses. Among her other expertise are:

  • Consultancy on broad ICS security topics
  • Network architecture reviews, security assessments and audits
  • Development of security programs/roadmaps
  • ICS Red/Blue team exercises, OT SOC architecture design and operations
  • Threat intelligence and security briefings
  • Security of embedded systems
  • Cyber-physical security research, industrial and academic

Marina previously worked as a Principal Analyst and Subject Matter Expert (SME) in Cyber-Physical group at FireEye (USA), Lead Cyber Security Researcher at Honeywell (USA) and as a Senior Security Consultant at the European Network for Cyber Security (Netherlands). She authored more than 25 academic papers and book chapters on ICS security and is a frequent speaker at the leading security events around the world. Marina is a member of Black Hat review board and a frequent reviewer of academic manuscripts as well as works closely with various international organizations on ICS/SCADA security topics. Marina holds MBA in Technology Management, MSc in Telecommunication and MSc in Information and Communication Systems.