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Patricia Chavero
Head of the CCI Academy Ecosystem Development Program

Patricia Chavero Ruiz

Patricia is a charismatic professional specialized in Marketing and New Technologies, and with a strong vocation towards the generation of collaborative communication and work spaces.

She has been developing her performance in organizations dedicated to making professionals grow, mainly from the field of training, and the promotion and growth of various profiles. She has participated in the creation, management and support of communities of organizations and users / professionals, from the communication area, including data protection actions under LOPD (Spanish Protection of personal data). Linked to professional development financing projects through different channels, both public and private.

Thanks to this background, Patricia is currently Head of the CCI Academy Ecosystem Development Program, where she encourages the integration of the academic community into the Center's ecosystem; so that these professionals can benefit from the knowledge acquired by the CCI in all these years of development, while contributing their experience and promoting the early incorporation of talent into the world of industrial cybersecurity.
In addition, Patricia actively collaborates in the various activities of the Center, adding value to all of them, and especially to the Professional School of Industrial Cybersecurity of the CCI.