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Director of the Professional School of Industrial Cybersecurity, and Project Manager

Susana Asensio

Susana Asensio is a member of the Board of Directors, Director of the Professional School of Industrial Cybersecurity, and Project Manager in the Industrial Cybersecurity Center. Graduated in Software Engineering, and Technical Engineer in Management Computing, both from the Polytechnic University of Madrid (UPM), Susana is a specialist in research and development projects in security and technology. She has a postgraduate degree as Specialist in Promotion and Management of Projects and International Actions of R + D + i by the UPM. After working as a researcher in Information Technology (IT) at UPM, she has been, during the last years, and prior to her incorporation to CCI, combining the management of IT security projects, and the coordination of various IT security groups in the Multisectorial Association of Companies of Electronics, Information and Communication Technologies, Telecommunications and Digital Content (AMETIC).

She has worked on national and international projects related to digital identity, digital certification services, data protection, cloud and critical infrastructure.

Susana has coordinated and promoted specialized forums of IT services, although her larger previous dedication has been to the AMETIC Information Security Commission, with a broad representation of the Spanish Cybersecurity Industry (more than 70 companies), covering areas such as digital identity, providers of digital certification services, critical infrastructures, and industrial cybersecurity, among others.

Since joining CCI in 2014, she has focused his career on cybersecurity applied to the industry, being a regular speaker in congresses, seminars and courses on industrial cybersecurity.