Publication of the Business Case of Industrial Cybersecurity notebook


Those responsible for industrial cybersecurity must counter threats and plan based on continuous improvement, in line with the continuous technological and other changes that companies face in order to be competitive.

To prepare a project, or rather, to start it, in many occasions it implies substantial changes in the company and / or the need to do a CAPEX. For the latter, internal conformity is needed. And to obtain it, the most widely used means is to submit the project for formal approval through a business case.

There is not normally the figure of an OT cybersecurity manager in industrial organizations, which implies that another role assumes this responsibility, for example, in some organizations the operational security manager or the physical security manager assumes this responsibility, in other organizations it is the person in charge of operations or the person in charge of communications, although it is the person in charge of information security who is usually in charge of industrial cybersecurity. This situation has been taken into account in the development of this document.

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