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Legal Compliance Expert

Juan Miguel Pulpillo

Cyberintelligence and Cybersecurity Analyst, DPO, Compliance Officer and Lawyer-Auditor of Technological Environments certified by the Bar Association of Barcelona. Certificate Auditor GRC of Tüv Nord (Good Government, ISO 19600, ISO 31000, TÜV NORD procedure, TN 15. Certification GRC).

Master in Telecommunications Law and Information Technology from the Carlos III University of Madrid, with a business and technological vision, global perspective of the IT business worldwide, in which he has been working for more than 15 years. This legal-legal perspective and its experience in IT Governance brings value to organizations and companies. In this sense, he is a Member of the Legal Advisory Council of the Government of itSMF Spain (IT Service Management Forum Spain).

Since 2000/2001 he has been working on Internet, Privacy, IT, Audiovisual, Digital Marketing, Telecommunications, Security, Cloud Computing , Big Data, IoT, Protection of intangible assets, intellectual property and creativity, digital business, transparency, electronic administration, Industry 4.0, etc. With clients of national and international reference in the sector.

He teaches lectures and teaches Masters and Expert courses in these subjects at several universities and institutions that are referents in the sector (Carlos III University, International Marketing Institute, Barcelona Bar Association, itSMF Spain, IAAP, etc.) of ISACA and CCI.