Equipo CCI

CCI Team

Industrial Cybersecurity Center Coordinator

Jesús Mérida

He holds a degree from the Autonomous University of Madrid and a Master's Degree in Telecommunications from the UPM, developing a large part of his IT career in the logistics sector in large multinationals such as Exel Logistics, DHL or Grupo Lagardere in various management functions in the areas of Technology . At present it is the Corporate CISO of the group Técnicas Reunidas having previously developed IT management positions in the industrial area for large projects in the Middle East and Turkey.

Expert in project management, risk management, security management and highly trained teams with extensive experience of project implementation and IT governance and security models at both technical level (SIEM, IDS / IPS, Perimeter Security and EndPoint , Threat analytics, etc.), at organizational level (Design and implementation of business procedures with security as a focus in areas of procurement, HR, offers and commercial, R & D, Operation ... creation of policies for the use of technology and application to business, leadership, high-level interdisciplinary technical collaboration groups ...) or certification (ISO27001 Lead Auditor, Implementation ISO22301 and ISO2000).