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Lars Erik Smevold
Industrial Cybersecurity Center Coordinator for Norway

Lars Erik Smevold

Lars Erik Smevold is a security & process control architect with more than 27 years of experience in Industrial Control Systems(ICS), telecommunication and Security – Critical Infrastructure.
Lars Erik started in Norsk Hydro in 1997, since then has been working in utility companies, build Security Operation Center in ICS for Small and Medium Enterprises, then 6,5 years in the Norwegian Energy Sector and Control System CERT(KraftCERT) and is now in Statkraft – globally energy production.

Besides working as a security & process control architect and advisory expert in ICS/OT Cybersecurity – Critical Infrastructure, Lars Erik is an international public speaker at ICS/OT cyber security conferences.

Communication is one of the most important topics in critical infrastructure. Strategic, Operational and Technical communication are one of Lars Erik specialties after working in different roles like Lead of R&D, CEO, Incident manager, Incident handler and  practical engineer.