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Virtual Meeting Experiences in Cybersecurity of the European Industry

First European meeting of the Center for Industrial Cybersecurity with the participation of experts and coordinators to share experiences held on February 11

Co-organized by ISA Spain - CCI. OLINE Course of Cybersecurity Responsible in IACS (Industrial and Automation Control Systems)

Analyze and understand the risk associated with industrial infrastructure and its basic relationship with Industrial Control Systems

Professional Online Master Degree of Industrial Cybersecurity

On March 4, 2021, the fifth edition of the Professional Online Master of Industrial Cybersecurity will begin, a comprehensive training in industrial cybersecurity that trains professionals in industrial automation and professionals in infor ...

XIV International Congress of Industrial Cybersecurity in Latin America, held from October 27 to 29, in Virtual Format

As a fundamental part of its activity, the Center for Industrial Cybersecurity (CCI) has held its XIV International Congress on Industrial Cybersecurity in Latin America. Reference event for the Latin American market, and a meeting point an ...


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