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Practical Workshop: Application of an Industrial Cybersecurity Management System, September 20 in Valencia

CCI will hold its third edition of the workshop based on a case study to implement an Industrial Cybersecurity Management system. The guideline for the construction of an SGCI will be used in a practical way, in which specific guidelines of ...

On September 21 CCI will hold its first meeting of "The Voice of Industry" in Valencia

This meeting will present the document "European Industrial Cybersecurity Regulatory Landscape" containing an interesting legal repertoire of different European rules and regulations, such as the NIS Directive, which apply at least partiall ...

IX International Congress of Industrial Cybersecurity in Europe. 4 and 5 October 2017, Madrid

As a fundamental part of its activity, the Center for Industrial Cyber Security (ICC) will hold its IX International Congress on Industrial Cybersecurity in Europe as one of the events of reference for the European market, and as a meeting ...

Great response from the Chilean industry at the XIX meeting of the Voice of Industry held in Santiago de Chile on June 14

The Industrial Cybersecurity Center has presented a previous study on the situation of industrial cybersecurity in Chile in its fourth meeting held in Latin America that shows a significant improvement in just one year.


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